"Who's The One That Knows Illegal Ninja Moves From The Government?"

It's officially week two of Sundance and because of circumstances a bit above my pay grade, I have barely seen any films at all.  

On the second day of the festival, I was pulled from the job I thought I was going to do to a job I am certainly qualified to do, but that requires me to use all my fluffing talents all the time non-stop.   It's really fun, honestly and I love it, but goodness gracious, I think my pampering and catering muscles are maxed out.  Phew.  

I've met some extraordinary and lovely filmmakers and talent from all over the world in the last few days.  People who have, honestly, risked their own lives to bring their stories to the screen.  While we sit in a small dark theatre watching a kidnapping happen in Haiti or the training of soldiers in Ukraine or how painting helps to heal from a traumatic childhood what we we may not realize is that these stories took lifetimes, years upon years, to bring to the screen.  

It is a privilege and an honor to be able to support these artists in a very small way while they are here at the festival.  With each screening, as they come into the Green Room, my first words are:  I'm so very happy that you're here.  How can I make this your best screening yet?  

And then?  We do just that.  


P.S.  I have seen, in no particular order, GHOSTLIGHT, PORCELAIN WAR, MY OLD ASS, DOCUMENTARY SHORTS, ANIMATED SHORTS, and THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MAGICAL NEGROES and I'm going to tell all of you to go see GHOSTLIGHT and PORCELAIN WAR if you're able to do so.  The end. Oh...and also see KIDNAPPING, INC.  I saw about 20 minutes of it last night.  I am going to see ALL OF IT and you should, too. 

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